Bargaining Updates

September 18 - On September 16, the Catholic Health (CH) and Hospital bargaining committee put out a update that was full of misleading misinformation related to contract negotiations. The Union bargaining committee wants to be sure that you have an accurate, complete understanding of the open items in bargaining. Read more here.

September 16 - CHS has moved off their proposal for pensions and are now proposing to keep pension as current contract. As a result of their movement on the pension, they moved backwards on wages. They have now moved off a common table wage scale. Anyone without a wage scale will still not have a wage scale and the ones who have one will remain exactly the way it is. Many Mercy STC will remain off the scale where they have been for years. They also have not agreed to any upgrades. Read more here.

September 3 - Common Table Bargaining Update

September 3 - Catholic Health shows its true colors with misleading video attacking our pensions. Despite what the video tries to suggest, the union has not agreed to any changes to our pension benefits. What’s really happening is that CHS is trying to destroy our pension and retirement as part of their strategy to cut to the bone at our hospitals. Learn more here.

August 27 - On Tuesday, August 24 the Union and Catholic Health bargaining committees resumed negotiations after a one-week break. We are now meeting at a new location at the Gateway Office Building at 3556 Lakeshore Road, right across from the Ford Stamping Plant. We were greeted on our first day by the union Fat Cat who was at the entrance to the building! Read the full update here.

August 16 - We continue to make minimal progress in bargaining. Catholic Health continues to not make movement on our core demands on Wages and Staffing. Concessions on Health Insurance, Pension, and PTO remain on the table. Read the full update here.

August 2 - We receives an economic package proposal from Catholic Health which re-emphasized the draconian cuts they want to make to our contract. Read more here.

July 19 - Are you hearing talk of strike at our hospitals? Find out how our process works here.

July 19 - Here's the latest bargaining update. No progress from CHS management on our core demands including for safe staffing!

June 28 - CHS workers complain of increased patient assaults, and lack of staff to response safely.

June 17 - CHS workers report unsafe equipment to the Department of Health. DHS orders CHS to replace faulty radiology aprons.

June 9 - Here is CHS's outrageous concessionary response to our demands for staff staffing, including competitive pay and benefits to recruit and retain staff

May 18: See our bargaining demands including for safe staffing ratios.